Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is a system of school-wide, group, and individualized strategies for acquiring and promoting positive behavior and social skills. PBIS practices, interventions, and strategies help educate all students in our school. Staff are provided supports to teach and encourage positive, healthy behaviors. This leads to an increase in the the safety of the learning environment where students are able to achieve increased learning.


Student Leadership Team

The General Beadle Student Leadership Team is comprised of student leaders in grades 4 and 5. Leaders promote positive behavior among their peers by leading morning announcements, advising administrators in programming, providing feedback from a student perspective, and modeling positive behavior for the entire school.


Oyate Gathering

The Oyate gatherings are monthly school-wide assemblies that set an upbeat tone to help students know that the school is theirs. The assemblies actively involve students in music, song and mutual friendship. They learn what it means to be a good audience member, practice leadership and public speaking, and they develop a vision of themselves as members of a community.



Regular school attendance is a high priority for all students. It is important that our school maintain a safe, encouraging environment where students are engaged in learning and that being in school matters. Incentives are available to students as a means to reinforce school attendance.