Lakota Language Immersion Program

As part of an ongoing effort to improve outcomes for all students, RCAS is expanding our Lakota Language Immersion program. RCAS is proud to be a partner in supporting indigenous language revitalization efforts.

The goals of the Lakota Immersion program include developing fluent Lakota language speakers by fifth grade; supporting students in learning about Lakota culture, traditions, and ways of being; honoring ancestors and elders; and developing the whole child. The Lakota Language Immersion program will be taught primarily in the Lakota language – with the exception of RCAS specials classes, including STEAM, physical education, and music – with an intentional integration of Lakota culture, heritage, and values.

For the 2022-2023 school year, we were unable to hire certified staff to have the immersion classrooms. We will continue searching for teachers to operate the program in future years. To teach in K-5 classrooms, the teacher is required to have their elementary education degree and be a fluent Lakota speaker. Please contact Principal Johanna Sailor if you’d like to teach with our Lakota Immersion School.