Lakota Language Immersion Program

As part of an ongoing effort to improve outcomes for all students, RCAS is expanding our Lakota Language Immersion program. RCAS is proud to be a partner in supporting indigenous language revitalization efforts.

The goals of the Lakota Immersion program include developing fluent Lakota language speakers by fifth grade; supporting students in learning about Lakota culture, traditions, and ways of being; honoring ancestors and elders; and developing the whole child. The Lakota Language Immersion program will be taught primarily in the Lakota language – with the exception of RCAS specials classes, including STEAM, physical education, and music – with an intentional integration of Lakota culture, heritage, and values.

For the 2022-2023 school year, the program will be hosted by General Beadle Elementary School; as the program grows, there may be a need to relocate in the future. The RCAS Lakota Immersion Program is a magnet school, and as such, transportation is NOT provided; upon acceptance into the program, we ask that you understand that you are making a commitment to getting your child to and from school every day. All students in the RCAS attendance area are welcome to apply, but some services are limited; if your child is on an IEP, your child’s team will need to meet to determine the appropriateness of this setting.

Space in the immersion program is limited; twenty (20) spaces are open for incoming kindergarteners, and seven (7) spots are available for students who will be in first grade during the 2022-23 school year. If interest exceeds our available capacity, a random lottery will be publicly conducted. Any students who are not accepted will be placed on a waiting list. The operation of the RCAS Lakota Immersion Program is contingent on the availability of highly qualified staff members.

Families interested in enrolling their child in the Lakota Immersion Program must complete the survey, located HERE or scan the QR code at the bottom by April 22, 2022. You will be notified of your admission status by May May 6, 2022; waitlisted students will be notified no later than September 2, 2022.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Sailor at 605.394.1841.


The RCAS Lakota Immersion Team

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